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change home locks

If you come home and you can't get in your house because you lost your keys, what would you do? You probably would call your closest relative who has a copy of the house key. Suppose they are not available when you have a home lockout, then what? You can always call your reliable Handy Residential Locksmiths to help you.

We are a dedicated home locksmith service that comes in quickly when you need help in Dallas, Texas. We have the tools as well as the skills to open your door quickly using special tools.

rekey house locks

We can pick your locks and open them in a short time letting you in the house. Have you considered changing keys you your door locks after occupying a preowned home? If not, it is highly recommended that you rekey house locks just in case old keys given to relatives and friends of previous owners end up on the wrong hands. Not even that, the idea that someone who is a stranger has a key to your home shouldn't sit well with you. We can quickly change your lock cylinder to get you new keys.

Another thing you can do that is a step above rekeying is to change house locks. This has the potential to increase your security and you should call us in Dallas, TX to install them for you if you haven't done it already.

In case you have a separate key for each door of your home, you probably spend some time finding the right key for each door. We can help make the process a little bit more efficient by making a home master key for you.